Microsoft and Webmasters

Does Microsoft care for Web designers?
It’s constantly been an issue with websites appearing precisely the same on different platforms. As a web designer/ webmaster it is extremely hard to make individual experiences abundant by having the website look the very same in any OS/ Web browser. The largest issues they have with their famous Net Explorer internet browser are safety problems and W3C Criteria conformity concerns.
Does Microsoft have a vision of having the world’s most popular internet browser still? Yes but presently IE is dropping it rated pretty quickly as Mozilla and Firefox sustain CSS2 as well as PNG Transparent Alpha where IE does not sustain. What’s fascinating is IE 5 for Mac sustains both CSS2 as well as PNG Transparent Alpha yet IE for Mac development has been discontinued. Makes me assume Microsoft likes Apple extra after that their Flagship Item “Windows”.
So why is it vital for Web Travelers to comply with the W3C Requirements?
Makes it easier on a designers end to create 1 website that looks excellent on various other browsers besides just IE
Supplies programmers with even more selections for design layouts a.k.a. PNG24 with Openness, CSS2, and so on that wish to establish for Internet Explorer.
Make IE continue to be the globe’s # 1 web internet browser
A check into Microsoft’s next-generation Longhorn with IE
I make certain you have come across the next big OS that is a few years away from the final launch. As IE is just up to version 6.05 there’s very little distinction besides the brand-new Longhorn look. I see eventually Microsoft will certainly have a supported W3C Standards browser. The majority of people’s dreams on the following version of IE are primarily Standards assistance.
The major issue with IE as much back as IE 5 on a Windows system has been making CSS2 and Transparent PNG24 images. IE does not support Transparent PNG24 data as it will display a grey history with the photo.
My list of points Microsoft requires to support/fix
W3C Standards Assistance
Safety and security
Complete HTML 4.01/ XHTML/ XML/ XSLT support
People may assume I am crazy for not being Anti-Microsoft but even though they either have tons of flaws or do not support something like W3C Criteria in their products I still like Microsoft as well as their products and always will certainly until the day Microsoft falls or I die.
What takes place if Microsoft does not support W3C standards in their next variation of IE?
Well, there are methods to take care of the compliance problems they have with the W3C Standards. Tonight I thought of the possible development of a plug-in that allows IE users to provide material currently supported by various other web browsers yet not IE. As for previous versions of IE that do not provide content the plug-in would certainly be generally compatible with IE 5. x to the latest in Longhorn as individuals might not have money to acquire a brand-new high-end computer system for simply Longhorn. I am sure there are various other methods besides a plug-in to make IE render appropriately but a plug-in is the only thing I could think of.